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To purchase one of our Support, Training or Services Packages, you will need to follow these steps to login to our site before you will be directed to our PayPal Account to confirm your purchase.

1. Click on the ADD TO CART Button to add the item you wish to purchase to your cart.

2. A popup window will open, now you need to click on the word - CHECKOUT

3. You will then be directed to a LOGIN or REGISTER page... 

4. IF you are already a GWWD Client, you will need to select the REGISTERED CUSTOMER side of the first step in the checkout window, and login with the username and password you use to login to the backend of your own website - we have created the same username and password access for you on our site to make things easier for you.

5. NOW ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is continue through the checkout process by following the next 3 steps on the page, to confirm your purchase.

If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to email us for checkout support...

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Brand: Great White Web Design
Product Code: SEO001
Weight: 0.00kg
Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm

Price: $1,500

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SEO is such an important part of any business' online marketing strategy and shouldn't be taken to lightly.

You should also be aware of those claiming that they can get your website on the top / first page of Google in only a few weeks or months time.

This is incorrect and all they will do is take your money and get your website blacklisted by the major search engines for having it done incorrectly.

Yes, you can get your site at the top of the first page of Google within 12 months, IF your SEO is done correctly and is maintained to ensure your site rankings increase and your seen by more and more organic visitors.

What's and Organic Visitor or Traffic, I hear you say...

Well Organic Traffic or Visitors are those people who have found your website throught he efforts of performing a search on Google (or other search engines) and your website was placed at the top of their search page due to the RIGHT Keywords and SEO working on your site.

We provide the full service and can get your Joomla Website seen by the search engines, ranking better and hit by your target audience, thus providing good leads to your business which you then convert into paying customers...

Sounds great right?

Well we can do it all for you and it wont cost you hundreds of dollars per week or month...

Our SEO Website Package Includes - 

* Full Keyword Analysis (Researched & Customised for YOUR Business)

* Website SEO Software Installed on your Joomla 2.5 or 3.0 Website

* Full SEO configuration and implementation of your website keywords

* Installation of Google Analytics on your website to show you how much traffic your site is getting, who your visitors are and where they are coming from etc.

* Installation and Configuration of Google Analytics Module on your website so you can see how your SEO is performing at anytime, day or night.

* High Quality, Multi-Tired Backlinks to your site, making your site more creditable to the search engines.

* Online Training Video, showing you how to maintain your website SEO component and keep your site ranking well in the future.

Terms and Conditions -

  1. Packages are pre-paid and require up front payment for the each hour. Training will not commence if payment is not received.
  2. Website Content re-write isn't included and can either be done by the Client, as per our instructions, or we can provide you with the contact details of our recommended Copywriter.
  3. If support is required for more than the package amount of time, you have the option of purchasing a second package at 20% OFF.
  4. Packages require a set fee for this service, for ONE website ONLY.
  5. GWWD will notify you when time limit is nearly reached, providing you with the option of ceasing or extending the Training.
  6. Additional costs may be required to cover costs of actual advertisements on different mediums (e.g. Facebook advertisements, PPC) as these are NOT included in our support or development packages.
  7. No refund will be provided for any un-used time or cancellation of Training Package.



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