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As a valued client of Great White Web Design,

We would like to let you know about some changes we have made

to the website hosting service we are providing,

and the new payment options and prices.

Late in 2013, we communicated with all of our clients warning about potential threats to many websites from Hackers and the need to obtain site security as well as a backup service to ensure your site is safe and secure. Despite our best efforts to warn everyone, minimal clients heeded our warning and engaged this level of security, and as a result, a small majority of sites were lost early this year due to hack attacks and due to these clients not being prepared, we could not restore their sites. Therefore, to protect our total customer base, we took the initiative of obtaining a larger, more secure server and a backup service on all of our client’s sites, even though the small hosting fee we charge didn’t cover these additional costs.

By including the additional services of Sitelock Secure and Daily Backup, we are now providing:

  • Security against hacker attacks on your site, and potentially rendering it offline
  • Security against malware, virus and spyware becoming embedded within your site
  • Security against data loss or data corruption through attack, or virus actions.
  • Protection against Blacklist by Google or other search engines due to malware, virus, spyware or phishing behaviour by your site
  • Daily backups so that if your site is ever lost or down through server malfunction, there is three days of backups to ensure restoration of your site

As this has proven successful and valuable to date in protecting each and every client’s site, and ensuring a viable backup is achieved, we have made the decision to increase our small business hosting price from $20 to $30 per month, to cover the cost of these valuable services, and to continue to ensure your website is not only backed up on a daily basis, but is being protected in real time from the many and varied potential cyber attacks that are present online.

As your hosting service is due for payment/renewal, we also wish to advise that we are changing the way you will be able to make future payments for your website hosting account...

Paypal is the ONLY PAYMENT OPTION we will be offering, but this service allows you to make either credit card payments or direct debits from your nominated back account for either monthly payments, or an upfront, discounted annual payment. And best of all, even if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still make your hosting payment via your credit card on the secure Paypal website!

Website hosting payments will be created on a Subscription/Auto Payment basis, giving you the following options:

  1. paying for your hosting by either Credit Card, or from your Paypal account, including direct debit from your nominated back account.
  2. Pay As You Go monthly at the new rate of $30 per month, or
  3. Pay ‘One Off’ in advance annually. - If you decide to choose the yearly option, you will receive 10% discount every year off the full monthly hosting cost.

New invoices will not be sent out to remind you when the payment is due, rather your selected payment schedule (monthly or annually) fee will be debited through your nominated payment source automatically on the due date, reducing the amount to administration and correspondence required by both you and us to facilitate the payment process.

Payment Options

It is critical that the payment process is completed by the due date to ensure your site remains active and online.

Failure to renew your hosting subscription will render your site in arrears and will automatically be disengaged on our server, and

  1. prevent your customers and clients accessing your site or services,
  2. prevent sending or receiving of any domain (your site) emails

until the hosting is restored by your hosting subscription payment.

This may also incur a reconnection charge to reengage your site following a non-payment period.

If you have any questions relating to this revised process, please don’t hesitate to contact us prior to completing your initial payment.



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