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We can HELP YOU make more money for your Business Online...

Let's be honest... 

Most Businesses already have a website, don't they? And you may be one of those businesses who have a website, but IS your website working FOR or AGAINST your business?  

You see, we are all business owners and are looking for ways to grow our businesses, to make them bigger and better than ever, because you're in business to make money and if you're not, then you don't have a business, you have a hobby... Right?

Whether you own a small business or a large company, you want to acheive financial stability, freedom and abundance from your business so you and your family can live the life of your choosing.

But to do that in today's modern world, you need to get your business, services and products seen by the masses before you can even think of acheiving business success...

So, what do you do?... The first thing you think of doing is to get a website, right?

But like most people, you get trapped in all of the hype and data our there that others are trying to spin, you get confused and bombarded with information overload and lose sight of why you needed a website in the first place, so they opt for the easy way out and think that just having a website will be good enough.

BUT here is the problem:

If your Business isn't presented in the right way online in the first place and your website isn't working FOR YOUR business, you will never be able to achieve the financial success and quality of life you dreamed of when you started your business... 

Of course you want your business to succeed, always look professional and it's best to your customers, be able to compete with others in your industry, and your passionate about how you run your business, what you're selling and how you strive to always provide great customer service, right?  

You also want your business to give you the freedom to spend quality time with your family and friends, to be able to go on a great holiday at least once a year, to put your kids through the best schools, to spend less time working and more time enjoying your business success, right?

  • Do this sound like something you'd be interested in finding out more about?

The good news is, there's a better way and we can help you find it.

  • If you are struggling to take your business to the next level of success online because your website and online precense is letting you down, you are in the right place.
  • If you want help to learn about how your business can achieve the success your desire online, how you can get more customers from your website so that you have more time to do the things you love, then you're in the right place.

You see, we are all about getting results for our clients.  We believe in the power of a GOOD Website and Online Presence to enable your business to acheive YOUR financial freedom and success.

Your Website should enhance, strengthen and WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS! 

About Great White Web Design...

Great White Web Design was founded in 2008, on the Northern NSW/QLD Border by Matthew & Dianne White, as an opportunity to provide high performing, SEO Compatible Business Websites, Website & Email Hosting and Online Marketing Training to business clients all over Australia and the World.

We are like you, an Australian small business who's goal is to provide professional quality services and products to all clients. Online Marketing and Website Development is an industry that is growing rapidly and we ensure that we always provide reliable and professional websites and marketing strategies for our small to large sized businesses clients, anywhere in Australia.

We noticed that there are many great businesses operating within Australia that do not have an online presence, or their online presence is not working, which is perilous in the current market.  More and more consumers are searching the internet FIRST for providers of goods and services. 

When a business does not have a website, or has a poorly constructed website with insufficient information or poor design, consumers will very often go elsewhere.  We have made it our mission to provide the opportunity for these businesses to not only have that online presence, but to capitalise on customers that come to them first by delivering the best website possible for their specific market/niche.

Top 5 Reasons to choose Great White Web Design -

  • Personal Service & Great Support - We started this business ourselves, and work in it every day. We don’t trust our business services to anyone else, and treat you and your business the same way, so when you contact us, you are speaking with the owner of the business, not an employee or contractor, so you can be assured of quality personal service and great support everytime.
  • Quality Web Design & Marketing - We pride ourselves providing the highest quality products & services to all our clients, and we work closely with each one to create a website or marketing strategy that suits and works for their individual business needs.
  • CMS Website Content Access - You have the option of being able to access and update all of the content on your website for yourself, which saves you time and money, it's easy with our CMS Website Software and by following the step by step, Client Training Videos we have created.  Alternatively, if you'd prefer to get on with your business, and leave the website updating to us, that can be done too.  The choice is yours, and of course, we are flexible enough to change as your needs do.
  • Years of Experience - We have over 40 years of combined experience in all areas of business operations, website development & design, professional photography, online marketing and business building strategies, and it's our passion to pass that experience and knowledge onto our clients so they have the right tools to create and grow their online business platform and increase their sales.
  • We'll work WITH YOU to ensure your Online Business succeeds - We only work with clients who want to make a difference in their business for the better.  We assess your online business needs, understanding exactly what you want to achieve and tailor make your website and/or marketing & business building strategies to suit you and your businesses growth.  No cookie cutter programs or websites from us, you will be given one on one advice and support at all times.

About the Owners... 

- Dianne White -

- Website Developer/Creative Designer/Marketing Coach/Professional Photographer -

After finishing High School, Dianne trained and has worked as a Professional Photographer, owning her own successful Photography Business for the past 25 years and still going strong.  

However, Dianne discovered about 10 years ago, that she needed a website for her Photography business and with the lack of good website developers available at the time, she decided to learn how to design and develop her own business website and in doing so, developed a real passion for Website Design which she has nurtured into yet another successful business, and so with her husband, Matthew, Great White Web Design (GWWD) was born in 2008.

Dianne has always had a passion for anything to do with creativity, design and art, and website design is just another extension in that for her.

One of her main goals and attributes in life is also to help and teach people and she does this by making sure every GWWD client is looked after in a personal and professional way and that all of their needs are met.

She loves seeing her client's businesses succeed online through the help and support she has given them and looks forward to sharing her skills and knowledge with more great clients in the future.

In addition to her Website Design Services, Dianne has been trained in various Online Marketing Platforms and with the knowledge and passion she has gained in this area, she offers Online Marketing Courses and Training to other Businesses who want to learn how to develop and grow their own business online using social media, content marketing and website seo & design, and create the success and freedom they deserve to live the life they desire.

- Matthew White -

- Website Developer/Business Development Manager/Customer IT Support - 

For the past 25 years, Matthew has worked in both hospitality and retail, managing small to medium businesses and developing people, systems and processes in order to improve operations and profits for the business owners. 

He has developed unique skills in identifying opportunities in each business environment to better serve that business in terms of both profit generation and improved performances. 

Through many years and many different working circumstances, Matthew has picked up many different skill sets that he now wishes to bring to his own business, Great White Web Design (GWWD). 

Apart from staying on top of IT solutions in his working environments, Matthew ensures that GWWD remains competitive in their field by always looking for new opportunities. 


Based on the NSW/QLD Border on the southern end of the Gold Coast, GWWD services clients in all areas of Website Development, Website Hosting, Online Marketing Training & Graphic Design services are available WORLD WIDE!

 For Commercial Photography Services -

Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and everywhere inbetween.

* We can do Commercial Photography Services outside of these areas, however travelling fees will apply. 



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